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I am known as ‘dbjpanda’  around the web. I  am a technology executive, an academic and an open-source enthusiastic. I love exploring the depth of  new things, breaking it down and making it easy is what makes me happy. I like creating things; blogs, websites, gadgets, companies, and more.  I have that courage to dream big. I never like to be in a position where I expect bonus for my work. But I like to be in a position where I can build, reshape, share ideas and set an example. I like connecting with new professional acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to talk technology or business.

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The language of DB2

Description SQL is a non-navigational language. What does that mean? With some databases, the calls to access the data instruct the system to navigate the

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DBMS Fundamentals

Query Language

Query Language is used specifically to instruct or communicate with database for retrieving or processing of data.

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