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Dibyajyoti Panda

My name is Dibyajyoti, go ahead and pronounce it once. I bet, you get it wrong if you’re not Indian. Well, I am known as ‘dbjpanda’  around the web. I  am a technology executive, an academic and an open-source enthusiastic. I love exploring the depth of  new things, breaking it down and making it easy is what makes me happy. I like creating things; blogs, websites, gadgets, companies, and more. I believe in hard work than talent. I like connecting with new professional acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to talk technology or business.

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Concepts to know before learning DBMS

As we are going to learn database, you should know first what is data and its relationship with database. where does data get stored? Why do we need database instead of storing in a file ?

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