A brief summary of the work I did in Google Summer of Code'17

12 weeks of milestone, some I crossed, some to cross, indeed a lots to contribute. It was Google Summer of Code'17 which show me a way and drived me to contribute for world's largest open source community, Drupal. These awesome 3 months of summer spent in developing a project "Creating Great GeoSpatial Experience for Drupal ", have filled me with great zeal and zest. The adventurous journey of thousand lines of code comes to an end. However this post is not about my personal experience but a summary of the tasks accomplished and outstandings throughout the project.  

Links to the Project Demohttp://d8.drupal-search-api.me/ 

Links to the project repo : Search_API_Location

Links to the issue I submitted patch for :

1- Fixed miscellaneous errors like Schema error, views filter break and submitted Kernel tests for them

2- Admin Summary Error in Views Administration

3-  Fixed geocoder breaks views filter

4- Moved geocoder plugin to it's own module that depends on geocoder.

5- Improved tests for location input plugins

4- Use existing Sorting methods for plugins

5- Added new functionality to narrow down spatial results further by zooming or mapping the map

6- Support compatibility with Solr and Search_Api_Location/Facets_Map_Widget

7- Compatibility check should be modified as Facets_map_widget does not work with latest commit of search_api_solr_backend

8- Create a Demo of Search_API_Location/Facets_map_widget

9- Documentation 

Links to the weekly progress : June, July, August