GSoC Week #7: Faceted Map Search

Last week, I wrote kernel test for Geocode plugin and submitted a patch in Drupal issue queue. You can have a look on this issue. The test runs successfully and it shows green, But I was wondering how to provide an API key to test configuration because in kernel test, we test with an empty database. The test runs successfully in my local server because I had provided an Google Map API key to geocode the user input in Geocode plugin aka Geocoder module. And that API key works as quota to my IP. To know more details about quota refer to this link. Well we have been discussing this issue, have a look and give your feedback to achieve the same. 

Secondly, I worked on faceted Map search, a new feature we are going to include with Search_API_Location Module. Currently, map plugin of location_input type provides site users to  input "Location of interest" by dropping the marker pin on the map, and selecting "Distance from that location" by a radius bar as shown below, which is indeed not sufficient for site builders to have great geospatial search experience in recent era. Below there are some features which need serious suggestion or feedback from developers. Your feedback/contribution would be highly appreciated and help Drupal 8 to move one step in Geospatial searching field.  


Current feature

Current status of map plugin

Requested features

  1. Showing search results on map
  2. Clustering map locations to avoid overlapping
  3. Search by dragging or zooming the map

Showing results on map

Resolution / Feedback

There is a same type of issue in geolocation field here , which uses mostly a views filter to achieve the same. My approach to achieve the same by a map facets widget which will be more convincible to deal with search api ecosystem. As of now after discussing with my mentors I will be concentrating to support location data type for facets module in initial phase. From my research, It can be resolved most probably by providing a query type plugin to facets. I will be doing more researches and testing in next week. Yet we are open for proposals. Kindly stay tuned and give your feedback to achieve the requested features.