An amazing Community Bonding Period before coding start

The past few weeks have been quite amazing for me. Getting accepted for GSoC indeed felt like a dream come true, and the feeling has still not gone. I have been selected for the Google summer of Code’ 17 for Drupal for the project, "Creating Great Geospatial Search Experience for Drupal 8" . Thanks to all the developers in #Drupal IRC channel for guiding me into this summer project by sharing their ideas and suggestions, specifically my mentor Nick Veenhof.

Well, I could not keep myself from writing this blog about this great community bonding period. The best part of Google Summer of Code  was interacting with dozens of like-minded students from all around the world.  Community bonding period generally refers to the process where Students get to know mentors, read documentations, get up to speed to begin working on their projects. In this entire period of 30 days, I went through various interactions with more than 1000 participants from different countries.

I was more involved with Drupal guys who are also selected in GSOC'17  under Drupal Organisation. I was submitting patches in the issue queue actively. This implicitly helped me by giving me a chance to work with Drunken Monkey, the great Search API Guy. In this period, I have been also blessed with two more experienced mentors from Drupal-  Mattias Michaux and Joris Vercammen. I have been discussing with them regarding the project plan for the last few weeks, and decided to do all developments in Github until an alpha version of the module is ready. Then we will shift the project to So, I am required to fork the project, clone it to my machine, make any edits and push them to my fork. Then I will create pull requests which my mentors will review and merge accordingly. Here is the link to it if anyone is interested in the updates: Search API Location.

So, to officially kick-start the project we are going to commit some PHP unit tests for the existing module in the next week. Here is the Trello Board.  Stay tuned for the upcoming post and keep a track of the module progress.