July 2017

GSoC Week #8: Porting facets_map_widget

If you have read my last post, you can remember I had discussed about the faceted map search. So this post is about how I tried to achieve the same. I have tried to port a completely new module i.e facets_map_widget. It works as a sub-module of Search_api_location and an extension plugin of facets module to provide a map interface that can be used to narrow down Geo-Spatial search results. 

GSoC Week #7: Faceted Map Search

Last week, I wrote kernel test for Geocode plugin and submitted a patch in Drupal issue queue. You can have a look on this issue. The test runs successfully and it shows green, But I was wondering how to provide an API key to test configuration because in kernel test, we test with an empty database. The test runs successfully in my local server because I had provided an Google Map API key to geocode the user input in Geocode plugin aka Geocoder module. And that API key works as quota to my IP.

GSoC Week #6: Porting geocode plugin

In the last week, I worked for Geocode Plugin, fixed some issues and now it is completely working with search api location module. Are you wondering what "Geocode" plugin exactly does. Well, let me first tell you what is Geocoder module does. It geocodes just about anything you throw at it including addresses, GPX files, geo-tagged images, and KML files.

GSoC Week #5: Creating views filter plugin for search api location (Second part)

If you find my week-3 post I had posted a brief description about creating views filter of search api location views. Here I explained some more details about the filter plugin. The module works great with raw plugin and does exactly  it says on the tin, however it created something of a head-scratcher as the same project, which was using Apache Solr via Search API, required this data to be searchable by the end user.